Spa Lifestyle Beauty & Care

Spa Lifestyle Etiquette


  1. Call ahead to book an appointment to ensure hassle-free services.
  2. Customers will need to provide their information to enable the spa to perform internal administration. Customers also need to fill up a simple health questionnaire to help the spa assess your health conditions so that we are able to recommend the appropriate spa treatment for you. Please be assured that we will treat the customer information as confidential.
  3. Inform us if you are pregnant or have any medical conditions we need to be aware prior to the service. Spa Lifestyle reserves the right to refuse treatment at its discretion.
  4. We highly appreciate your arrival fifteen minutes prior to your appointment to ensure a hassle-free experience. A fifteen-minute grace period is likewise provided, however please understand that delays cut into your treatment time and your slot may be given to walk-in guests.
  5. Our trained professionals are here to provide the best service possible. As a courtesy to them, please call at least three hours before if you are unable to make it.
  6. Spa Lifestyle is a haven of tranquility. We request that you lower your voice when talking and mobile phones on silent mode as not to disturb the other guests. Please respect the privacy of all our customers.
  7. Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  8. Do secure your belongings. Management accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage.
  9. Spa Lifestyle in NOT a GST Registered Company. All Prices listed are NETT price.
  10. Let us know how we did. Feedback from our trusted guests are valuable to us.